Welcome To Insurance Netherlands

Insurance Netherlands is a part of Kendall Mason, which is specially created for the international group. Kendall Mason was formed in 2002 by Maurik Donokarijo and Edwin Onderstal, in the belief that providing advice and the purchasing of insurance had to be done “differently”. The contours of a market driven by fast profits were already perceptible at that time. The business model that was chosen focuses specifically on sectorial, professional, member and (international) employer collectives. Furthermore, we have more than ten years of experience in the field of insurance consultations for both collective contracts and individual contracts. By maintaining good business relationships with all the other insurance companies in the Netherlands, we offer better discounts for our customers compared to other insurance consultancy firms.

Who Is Insurance Netherlands

We believe in the duality of life, in opposing ‘forces’ that can help each other, provided they can work together in balance and harmony. This fundamental theory also recurs in the name Kendall Mason, which is based on two apparently opposing elements, namely Yin and Yang. “Kendall” is part of the name of a wine and stands for the good things in life, as well as the extrovert, outwardly focused element. “Mason” stems from Freemasonry and stands for “unremitting inner effort”, the symbol of the introvert, inwardly focused element.
We are one of the few organisations that is truly autonomous and able to provide independent advice; a claim we can make because neither banks nor insurers have a (financial) interest in our organisation. As a consequence, we have no obligation to shareholders and are completely free to pursue our own strategy. This enables us to work with all possible insurers in the interest of your company and your employees. 
Insurance Netherlands has consciously decided to implement an innovative business model within the world of insurance. Our organisation is accessible, structured, efficient and decisive in operation, which translates into elements that include short lines of communication and decision-making. We have chosen a personal approach in combination with professional consultancy, which is facilitated by our organisational structure, low overheads, competitive premiums and high volume. Yet, that is not all. Our structured working methods and the requirements of our clients and their members and/or staff guarantee a consistently high quality of personal service.  

Meet Our Executive Board

Maurik Donokarijo
Maurik DonokarijoManaging director
“The recognition of the singular worth of the human personality, the equality of all people and the responsibility of each individual for his or her own actions.”
Edwin Onderstal
Edwin OnderstalManaging director
“Be true to your values in everything you do, but be open to other ideas and opinions.” “The art of listening is to hear what is not being said.”
Pepijn Bracht
Pepijn BrachtBusiness Unite manager operation
 “Knowledge and wisdom begin with the realization that the art of living is not born in us, but is a skill that is acquired through effort and trial and error.”
Taoufik Almaach
Taoufik AlmaachBusiness Unit Manager Marketing
Marketing (online), Communication, Innovation and Website development
Koen van Lierop
Koen van LieropBusiness Unit Manager Sales
Sales force .