Pension on a defined contribution system are getting better, however, they are not getting easier

New legislation on defined contribution schemes, which is likely to go into effect from July 1 2016, will make these schemes better than they are now. As of then it is possible to extend your investment risk in regards to your pension build-up. In present arrangements, this risk is gradually reduced until retirement. At retirement [...]

Lancering nieuwe website: insurancenetherlands.eu !

Lancering nieuwe website: insurancenetherlands.eu! Ook in 2015 wisten tal van internationale bedrijven hun weg te vinden naar insurancenetherlands.eu. Het resultaat is een record aan nieuwe relaties, die hun internationale verzekeringen hebben ondergebracht bij Insurance Netherlands. We zijn hier erg blij mee, maar we blijven zoeken naar mogelijkheden tot verbetering. Daarom hebben [...]

Pension for companies without a Chamber of Commerce registration

Without a Chamber of Commerce registration it was not possible for ‘foreign companies’ to arrange a pension agreement for its Dutch employee(s). Insurance companies rejected all requests to cooperate due to the directives from the Authority Financial Market (AFM), the name Act and the tax legislation. Insurance Netherlands already provided a solution for this problem [...]

Last warning for amending your pension policy!

The new Pension Agreement 2015 results in an amendment in the current rules On 27 May 2014, the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament approved the financial framework for pensions. Accordingly, the current law will need to be amended. Agreement had already been reached that net premium tables would be introduced as of 1 January [...]