Pension is the most important fringe benefit for an employee in the Netherlands. That is why 90% of all employees participates in a pension plan. No wonder, as a pension plan has many (tax) benefits for your personnel. so, when hiring a new employee, he or she will likely ask you what kind of pension plan you have.

Kendall Mason is well aware of the implications a pension plan has on a company. That is why we have thought of a way of working that is consistent to the modern-day standards. Our advisors do almost all the work for you so you can focus on your core-business. We work transparent and we are free in choosing any insurance company that best suites your wishes.

Why Are We The Best?

Insurance Netherlands purchases for more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and approximately 280,000 employees. This large collective enables us to negotiate huge discounts without having to compromise on the conditions. You too can profit from this.
The average intermediary contracts no more than 10 disability insurance policies every year. AovXL does nothing else. Profit from the best personal advice.
Highly qualified people stand a statistically lower chance of insurance risks. This translates into lower premiums.
There are plenty of insurances with poor conditions. AovXL does things differently, which is also why we have been the insurance partner of a lot of renowned interest groups for many years.