Companies can become liable at any time to pay compensation for damage arising through the action, negligence or omission of a third party. Analyzing your liability risks is quite important, but can take a substantial amount of time. Successful risk management depends on knowing where and what your risks are.

Our advisors will happily assist you in acquiring this knowledge. Knowing your risks is one thing, but preventing them from happening is another. Our advisors also help you in choosing which risks you are willing to take and which you want to insure.

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Your own consultant, regardless of the size of your company! We like to communicate clearly, with clear explanations face-to-face explanations.
Insurance Netherlands has helped over more than  50,000 entrepreneurs and 200,000 employees and members. Negotiation is our strength independence is our philosophy.
A different philosophy! No insurance company has a financial interest in Insurance Netherlands. Our only interest is you! As a result, you costs are reduced up to 25%!