Pension is the most important fringe benefit for an employee in the Netherlands. That is why 90% of all employees participate in a pension plan.
No wonder, as a pension plan has many (tax) benefits for your personnel. Therefore, when hiring a new employee, he or she will likely request you to provide information on the type of pension plan you are able to provide. Insurance Netherlands is well aware of the implications a pension plan has on a company.

This is why we have developed a working method that is ideally adapted to modern-day standards. Our advisors do almost all the work for you so you can focus on your core-business. We work transparently and we are able to choose from every insurance company, thus ensuring that together we choose one that best suits your needs.

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Why Are We The Best?

Your own consultant, regardless of the size of your company! We like to communicate clearly, with clear explanations face-to-face explanations.
Insurance Netherlands has helped over more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and 200,000 employees and members. Negotiation is our strength independence is our philosophy.
A different philosophy! No insurance company has a financial interest in Insurance Netherlands. Our only interest is you! As a result, you costs are reduced up to 25%!