Project Description

DQ&A Media Group is a digital marketing company founded in 2001 as a specialist in digital advertising technologies. With our headquarters in The Netherlands and 130 digital marketing specialists in offices around the globe, we are committed to providing high quality performance marketing, technology & data management services. We are performance focused experts in advertising technologies and have the know-how to turn data into actionable insights for publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world.


Our mission is to be a reliable business partner by delivering quality business value for our clients. Doing so by providing breakthrough solutions and excellent services to people.


Data will be abundantly available and smart technology will become a commodity. Providing strategic counseling, creative solutions and responsive services based on strong data management and analytics will drive our industry. Enabling more transparency for advertisers and more engagement with their target group.


What does “DQ&A” stands for? DQ&ADigital Questions & Answers

From day one, we were set to answer the toughest digital marketing questions from Advertisers and Publishers around the world. This ambition is the inspiration for our company name.