Project Description

ASV Adviesburo Sociale Verzekeringen can provide everything you need to do with employment contracts, wage costs, wage administration, applicable collective agreements, restructuring and, above all, legal advice-all at a reasonable price.

Our motto: Specialisation should always be affordable!

With the legislation becoming ever more complex, companies are being increasingly forced to call in specialist support, which is fast becoming impossibly expensive, particularly for smaller businesses. We are faced with an increasingly “hands-off” government, and extremely far-reaching changes in the social safety net, but these are just some of the important reasons for being-and staying-well-informed.

ASV specialises in all matters relating to creating, maintaining and terminating employment relationships. ASV draws up your employment contracts, correctly calculates your payroll taxes, manages your salary records and ensures that dismissal procedures are properly implemented. The range of services also includes support for custom payroll services, developing hr strategies, outsourcing bookkeeping, restructuring, and assessing and drawing up redundancy plans. ASV’s range of services also includes examining whether the employee insurance laws (WW – Unemployment Act/ZW – Sickness Benefits Act/WIA – Disablement Insurance Act/ZVW – Health Insurance Act) are applied correctly at a national and international level, as well as managing complaint and appeal cases. ASV gives advice and organises training for your staff. Of course, everything is tailored to your specific business situation.

In short, ASV acts as a point of contact for employers. We focus on the client, providing relevant information rather than vague advice. Comprehensive requirements gathering and realistic feasibility testing.