Project Description

The Expatise Centre was established by the Dutch Expat Foundation, the interest and lobby-organization for employers with international employees, with the intent to support their professional competencies, too. 

The centre has no profit motive, and has been placed under a foundation.  Its managers come from the employers’ ranks. 

About the Dutch Expat Foundation
The Foundation provides participants with a state-of-the-art network covering both the public and the private domain. All year round the Foundation organizes various regional and national meetings or projects and work groups which focus on various themes, during which valuable contacts can be established with colleague-employers at (international) HR direction- and management level, representatives of Dutch social tax implementation institutes, public authorities and politics, and highly qualified professional experts from the service-providing sector, education and science.
The Foundation explores pressure points in international postings, signals trends, points out possible solutions and contributes to the realization of solutions for these pressure points. For you, participation in this platform implies earlier information and knowledge about new developments and solutions as well as the fact that you can start interpreting the employee benefits policy before other parties can do so.