How we operate

Since virtually all of our clients are from different countries, you can safely say that international service runs in our blood. We aim to provide you with insight into the world of insurance and its techniques. We do not overload you with information, but instead offer face-to-face interaction with our consultants. As a result, we are able to select the insurer and the product most suited to your needs and circumstances. Alongside this advice role, we are also in a position to maintain the contact between you and the insurance company, as well as provide certain aftercare services regarding the insurance policies concluded.

Why Are We The Best?

Your own consultant, regardless of the size of your company! We like to communicate clearly, with clear explanations face-to-face explanations.
Insurance Netherlands has helped over more than  50,000 entrepreneurs and 200,000 employees and members. Negotiation is our strength independence is our philosophy.
A different philosophy! No insurance company has a financial interest in Insurance Netherlands. Our only interest is you! As a result, you costs are reduced up to 25%!

Why choose us

We operate entirely independently. This means that neither banks nor insurers have any form of interest, financial or otherwise, in our company.
Accordingly, we have no obligation towards others and are not restricted in our policy.
We are, therefore, able to freely advise with respect to the products of a range of different providers.
We periodically conduct market analysis. In this way, we are able to access the insurance products with regard to their quality, pricing, administrative performance, and claim management.
We at Kendall Mason prefer to work with a limited number of providers, thus ensuring the provision of high quality services and competitive pricing.
Our fees are agreed upon beforehand. Depending upon the services you desire us to provide, we will offer a different package or hourly rates.
Our advisors are highly educated and have a broad knowledge of the market.
They pursue deep and long-lasting relationships with clients, and as a result, we have maintained steady growth in our client database of up to 20% annually!
We encourage you to become acquainted with one of our financial advisors and find out how he or she may be able to assist you.
Your advisor will work with you one-on-one to understand your financial situation and offer tailored solutions to address your individual needs.
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Insurance Netherlands is your perfect guide on the dutch insurance market
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We are happy to provide you access to our specialised knowledge of the complex insurance market. Our services are ideally suited to many of your needs, for example:

  • Advice in drafting new contracts;
  • Portfolio audit;
  • Second opinion with respect to existing contracts or offers;
  • Conducting negotiations with the insurer and/or the insurance advisor;
  • Creation, enforcement and maintenance of the insurance management and outsourcing of contract management.

Our Featured Products

Employee Benifit

The employee benefits you offer can be a determining factor for a potential employee’s decision to work for your business, but it should also play an important role when examining your risks.

Liability and Dsiability

Liability and Disability  is an Insurance Netherlands label. With bavXL you can directly purchase your liability insurance with national and international coverage.


H ealthcare insurance is one of the most important secondary terms of employment.You bind your employees to your company with a high-quality insurance.